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Our Gallery: Textiles - Tribal Clothing - Black Dzao Jacket
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Black Dzao Jacket
Red Yao Bib
Tai/Lue Headscarf
Black Dzao Jacket
Name: Black Dzao Jacket

Item#: 2793

This is a Black Dzao men's jacket, made of village-grown, handspun, handwoven, indigo-dyed cotton. While the garment was made for a man, it is quite attractive on a woman too! The almost black indigo color was made from about 10 separate dye baths to achieve this deep color. Marching down the front are decorative folded strips of the same fabric with a pewter-colored metal decoration at the facing edge (note: these are not buttons - the jacket is made to hang open and does not contain any closures on the front). Construction details (dimensions vary slightly by garment, but the pieces will fit a women's M through XL, depending on the individual jacket - call for currently inventory specs): the garment measures about 55-60 inches from cuff to cuff across the top of the shoulders; the front placket and lining yoke are of the same material; the sleeves are pieced; there are 6-8 inch side slits faced with white commercial fabric and bright pink embroidery at the top of each slit; the center back slit is self-faced with no embroidery; the collar is finished with a strip of hand embroidered pink and black on white that may be a touch on the small side for most western necks, but still fits and can be easily altered if desired.

Size: 48 in. chest, 30 in back length

Origins: Lao Cai Province, Vietnam

Price: $85.00

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